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Mobile-CH will be the meeting point between state of the art cultural heritage research and personalization – using any kind of technology, while focusing on mobile scenarios, to enhance the personal experience in cultural heritage sites. The workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners who are working on various aspects of cultural heritage and are interested in exploring the potential of state of the art of mobile technology (onsite as well as online) to enhance the CH visit experience. The expected result of the workshop is a multidisciplinary research agenda that will inform future research directions and hopefully, forge some research collaborations.
Cultural heritage (CH) has traditionally been a privileged area for personalization research. Visitors come to cultural heritage sites willing to experience and learn new things, usually without a clear idea of what to expect. CH sites are typically rich in objects and information, much more than the visitor can absorb during the limited time of a visit. The evolution and convergence of technologies for managing and integrating Open Data, and for delivering mobile services, open new opportunities for mobile personalization research, which has the potential to improve the presentation of information, the exploration of content and the discovery of events interesting for the specific user/group, the collaboration among users having similar interests, as well as the adaptation to heterogeneous user contexts and devices. It could improve the interaction and experience of visitors both on CH websites and with CH guide systems. Visitors to CH sites differ and their visit experience involves a combination of the physical, the personal, and the socio-cultural context and identity-related aspects. Hence they may benefit from individualized support that takes into account contextual and personal attributes.
Personalization can also be related to collaboration in the preservation, enrichment and access to cultural heritage by considering crowd-sourcing techniques, based on   active involvement of a broad range of people to enhance the management of cultural heritage information
This workshop is inherently interdisciplinary and integrates computer and information sciences with cultural heritage disciplines. It brings all these disciplines together in creative and critical dialogue and we invite papers that include but are not limited to the following topics.

Topics: Any work which is at the same time relevant to the Mobile HCI 2016 general list of topics, and that is being applied to cultural heritage is relevant to the workshop. Specific topics of interest, when applied to cultural heritage are:

  • Navigation and browsing in digital and physical cultural heritage collections
  • Recommendation strategies for CH
  • Adaptation strategies for text and non-verbal content in CH
  • NLG techniques for mobile user modeling in CH sites
  • Integration of virtual and physical collections
  • Ambient Cultural Heritage
  • Mobile museum guides & personal museum assistants
  • Context-aware information presentation in CH
  • Interactive user interfaces for CH applications
  • Personalization for group of visitors to CH sites
  • Personalization across the whole of an person's digital ecosystem
  • Long term personalization.
  • IoT and Cultural Heritage
  • The cloud and Cultural Heritage

Important dates: Submission: May 27th, 2016; Notification: June 17th, 2016; Camera ready: June 26th, 2016.